10 comments on “Darkflame Universe

    • It is 100% safe.
      I do not know how much I am able to say about it at this point in time, but the team behind this will be addressing concerns (such as this) in the near future.

  1. This sounds amazing and all but how do we download it and stuff. Also there is another group working on something similar except they have the worlds but not the maelstrom or smashables they are still trying to figure it out I think you should work together or something because then there will be two of the same game and one might have more users cause of more content, less glitches/errors, also whichever one comes out first will have more people because it will be advertised first. I still think its a great idea and you should keep doing it. I believe in you guys to bring back the best game of all time(in my opinion). Good luck

  2. Do you know if the maelstrom come at you now not just stand there? I saw gameplay and that’s what happened
    ps I can’t wait for it to fully release or just have some content open to the public. Great job guys/girls keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Does anyone know if anything new has happened because I haven’t seen anything in a while. Also on this day, 6 years ago this game shut down and I still miss it. Has this game been currently worked on or has something happened causing it to stop? Also when will the next open beta or alpha or test where I can play the game be? I would very much like to test it out but I don’t have social media like twitter or facebook or instagram so I can’t join that way. If you have a solution please let me know. Good luck on everything that you guys and girls are doing to bring this great game back. 🙂 Sorry for all the questions that I asked and if you only want to answer one then just answer if you guys are still actively doing something on/with/about the game. I’ll wait until I’m an old man before I forget about this game. Thanks for everything you’re doing for this project.

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