3 comments on “Brick Musings Nov. 11

  1. I remember playing Lego Soccer Mania back in the day. I don’t remember very much of the game mechanics, although I do recall that the aliens were one of the teams you had to play against on Mars closer to the end.

  2. Life on Mars was one of the first themes I got into, always liked the martians. There was a story on the website back then which had the humans and good martians thwarting a plot from a group of rebel martians, but they were never in the sets (except Arcturus, who was a spy for them) – there was a ton of stuff in that story that wasn’t in the sets, actually. I’d assume it was written after the sets were designed, just to spice up the website. Some fans have it archived here: https://biodiumvault.wordpress.com/story/radio-logs/

    Soccer Mania was pretty fun, I replayed it a little while ago on PC. From what I hear the PS2 version is better though (up to 4 player multiplayer, and the PC version can be finicky, often runs into slowdown on many computers). Also, definitely go into the options, and crank up the difficulty and turn down the match time – makes it a lot more fast and fun, the defaults are too easy and just drag on IMO.

    • That’s an amazing site, thanks Jamesster! Will be digging around there for sure. I’m not surprised to hear that about Arcturus, quite a suspicious sort and the palette is quite the outlier. Medical green skin and red! I have the head and arms but the torso and legs elude me still…

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