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Bios to follow when I get them.

The Luprechaun is looking for contributors! If you have uniques stories, experiences, pictures, videos, artifacts or interviews then please contact me:

I will set you up with a contributor account and if it goes well then will make you a regular author account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me just because we didn’t meet in the game. I realize there was dozens of great people I never got a chance to get to know and only knew them by reputation.  Unfortunately I spent a healthy percentage in game dealing with item requests so didn’t get to meet all the people I wanted to.

My vision for this blog is to share interesting perspectives of the game, stuff that other players might not have known about. Did you have a secret cult? Did you make up your own minigames? Did you troll ftp? Did you find some crazy oob?

On  posting to this blog, you will find that your first two posts need admin approval and then you should be clear to post normally. Contributors can create and edit their own article but it needs admin approval, afterwards it can not be edited. Contributors can not add media to their posts but can add links to remote media. Authors can create and edit their own posts with attached media.

10 comments on “Contributors

  1. I have a really neat LU closing video I’d like to share. It’s not like a silly slideshow or something. It’s a video celebrating LU with around 75% original footage. Would it be okay if I posted the link here and you posted it for me?

  2. Just found out about this site and I would love to check it out from time to time. Thanks for setting this up. Miss the good times, but thank god for the memories.
    I remember some of you…:D

  3. I would like to become a Contribute. (I already have an Account so all you have to do is go to the INVITE page 😛 and invite Legonenen)

    You can check out my blog for all the stuff i have (Kinda like a Resume)
    and i want to post about Lego Travelers (A free fan made lego game)

    Plus i have a bunch of LEGO UNIVERSE stuff 😛 (Mostly Pictures)

  4. Hey! I’m Johnnyred from LU and the LUCL,

    I’m not sure who all is on this blog, but I just discovered it, I was a huge fan of the game and one of the original Beta Testers for the game. I don’t necessarily have LEGO Universe game related stuff so much as I do LEGO Universe Creation Lab related things. I was the author of Adventure Comix on the lab as well as the founder of the Phoenix Command Group.

    If you’re interested in some of the original works of Flipz, Beeky31, Treecleaver, or others there’s a high probability that I have them.

    The PCG itself is alive and well, located at

    And there are a lot of LU members as well as former MLNTeamers at

    On Legozone Power, it’s not too active right now, but there are still plenty of people that check up daily, many of which were original LUCL users, or prominent users on MLNTeam.

    Adventure Comix itself has a Youtube channel at

    It’s still in the startup phase, and once I upload all the original videos, it’ll be a while before I actually upload anything else due to as I said, startup costs, I’m working on getting a DSLR, Adobe Cloud, lighting, etc for Adventure Comix and another couple of youtube channels that I’m doing.

    Really happy to see that there are still others from the lab that are still love it and hold fond memories!


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