I’m Joseph Williams, or Zipblock in Lego Universe. I was involved in the game since 2008 in the Lego Universe Partner program, or LUP, which eventually turned into the World Builder League, or WBL

More import than all that was I am was Assmembly on Overbuild. Level 3 in all classes but favoured Inventor, started as Summoner and could care less about Engineer.

I live in Victoria, BC and am actively involved in VicLUG: http://www.viclug.ca 

This blog is where I’ll post my experiences within the game and other Lego related fun stuff.

This blog is mostly about Lego Universe but it’s focus is on Lego gaming and whatever interests Lego gamers. Since this site launched it’s been supported by the LU community and this is just as much their blog as it is mine. We’re looking forward to all the new gaming developments coming out from Lego with one eye in the past to keep it all in perspective.

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