10 comments on “Project B.U.I.L.D. – Looking for builders

  1. I have already expressed interest in helping out to a member of your team, I’m glad to see you are now in need of builders and I would Love to help out 🙂 I am contacting you as we speak…I mean type…

  2. This is really exciting! I’d like to reprint this over at my forums, The MOC Corner, and Brick Universe. Both have a population of LU refugees…

  3. I’d love to help (with what building skill I have and am developing), but as legonenen said, I’m awfully busy and short on time most of the time. 😦 If my schedule clears up or my building skills get substantially better, I’ll look into it though! 🙂

  4. Ever since Hollis told me about this project I’ve been more than happy to throw my name and whatever resources I can offer behind it. Right now the best I can do is help him promote it as I barely have enough time for my real Lego hobby.

    I have Unbreakable levels of energy these days and who knows, I might be able to jump into this sooner than I thought as my todo list is melting like an iceberg in Hawaii.

    Good luck with this Hollis, and everyone should check this out if they can!

    Site added to Friends of Luprechaun > over there >>

  5. I am interested in building for you guys. I am very experienced in LEGO Logic, and can easily build LEGO models. I have a bunch of MOCs on my Brickshelf, which you can take a look at. I’m in the process of uploading more The image of the blue brick on the sidebar on my blog goes there; I would do it myself, but I’m on iOS ATM, so I can’t link it. Just leave me a message on my blog if you have any questions, and I’ll contact you via email.

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