The Luprechaun is holding a contest! To ‘celebrate’ the anniversary of the closing of Lego Universe, instead of dwelling on the negative let’s use that whole Power of Imagination and make something cool. For this contest I’d like to see real life LU creations, so stuff made out of actual bricks. I’m going to keep some of the guidelines about this contest a bit fuzzy intentionally to make sure it has a chance to get out to everyone who might be interested. Here’s what you need to know right now:

You can use Lego, customized, clone, 3rd party bricks, anything that makes your vision complete.

Nothing digital, so no LDD ( Lego Digital Design ), MLCAD, LDraw, or any other virtual brick building application. You can use Photoshop to add effects, but your success of your submission will be based primarily around the physical bricks.

The creation can’t have been already posted on the net or submitted in another contest. You can use gear or props you’ve already made and posted as long as you are then creating an even more elaborate and amazing scene!

Age groups will be taken into consideration, nothing concrete at this time.

There will be prizes! Prizes will be delivered! Nothing more is going to be mentioned at this point.

HappyPappy is not eligible for this contest. He can submit a non-competing submission.

Potential end of date of the contest is February 1st. end of February.

Submissions can be sent to or posted here:

Updates to the contest will be posted on this page!


One comment on “Contest

  1. Contest end date will most likely be pushed back. I put out Feb 1st since that is the anniversary of the close of LU, but there is no need to rush this at all. I’ve had a few requests for an extension and totally cool with that!

    Prizes are being cooked up and sourced, I’m pretty happy with the progress so far 🙂

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