15 comments on “We’re getting the band back together

  1. I saw this come up and my heart sank. It’s not Lego Universe, but it represents the best part of LU. Sadly, I can not see myself dedicating time to another game like I did LU.


    • Nice to hear from you Flam 🙂 Nothing will replace LU, and it still needs to be seen whether Worlds will have mp support even. If this becomes a true social building game though…. Personally I haven’t got into a video game at all like I was with LU except for Ingress, but that is an inside out sort of game, and borders on a hobby equivalent to Lego itself. It’s what I needed at the time and it’s really been helpful in a million ways.

      • I never found a game I could embrace like I did LU, tho lord knows I have tried many. This shows some small promise, a glimmer of a ray of hope. I had issues with the UI at first, but that’s always the last thing they make pretty.

  2. http://steamcommunity.com/app/332310/discussions/0/615085406672780265/

    We’ve had a few people ask us about supporting the LEGO Digital Designer. Well… we already do!

    Here’s some info for you;

    Export the LDD LXFML files and put them here:

    C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGOWorlds\Mods\Models

    They will now show up in your models list. Though they might be missing an icon, so make sure you name them correctly!


    • Further down that thread it’s indicated the LDD importer doesn’t support SNOT techniques (yet?).

      The engine treats such models as terrain blocks.

      Hopefully it’s on the list to be able to import LDD stuff alternately as models/entities/meshes too (which would allow custom vehicles), it’s not like Lego doesn’t own the code from LU to do that.

  3. Only standout complaint I have after some minutes of doinking around is camera related. Again with the crummy FOV and inability to move the camera back….

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