9 comments on “Lego Community Poll: Soft Hair?

  1. I am one of the opinion that each one has it’s place, and that each is optimal in different tasks and creations. (The old bright green rubber Mini Fig. Wig, Manga 2 (53982) + bright red cherry or sausage is great for a microscale GF style tree, an illegal technique, but one which only works because the hair is rubber, for example.) I also believe that rubber hair can also be useful for some of the more complex hair pieces, or ones where a character is required to wear a cape (Now’s not a time for the rant about the new cape cloth!) My support of rubber pieces being said, I do still prefer plastic hair elements, and the rubber hair elements do have drawbacks, such as painted detail tending to peel over time (see 2008’s Dr. Inferno), and the more liberal tolerances allowed in the creation of such pieces, resulting in poor connection to head pieces. Anyways, my opinion is that they each have their place in the construction of minifigures, though I prefer old plastic.

    On another tangent, I would love to see Mini Fig. Wig, Manga 1 (53981) in white because, well, reasons. šŸ˜‰

  2. Sort of echoing BrickKeeper. If these are meant as “heirloom” items, the old rubbery parts either lose volume or harden with age (the old green manga wig or two I have in the collection no longer have any clutch power, I also have ancient Lego tires in the mix that have split and fallen off wheels).

    If it’s the Minifigures line or one of the sets for adult display (like the Ideas Ecto-1 or BTTF sets), those should probably be considered potential heirloom items.

  3. I prefer plastic hair pieces. Rubber does not match the look of the minifigure. It looks out of place in my brickfilms, and they also don’t hold up as well as plastic. They bend more easily, and break more easily. I prefer plastic, though I can see a use for rubber, like the Exo-force hair where it was originally used, the points on the hair would hae been too sharp and may have hurt the children. But for normal non-sharp hair, plastic is better.

  4. You guys rock, thanks so much for this feedback. In regards to the temporal quality of the rubber vs hard plastic I agree that they are inferior and less desirable. You have all of these amazing Friends and Disney Princess hair sculpts that are not going to last. My daughter’s Cinderella hair won’t stay on the fig’s head already, it’s just weeks old. I would have loved to see all of them in hard plastic.

    • Sorry I am late to the party, I have been a bit under the weather.
      I agree with the majority. Where soft hair is offered, traditional hair should also be available.
      Zip, as for your daughter’s Cinderella hair, buy a small tube of denture adhesive.. it won’t hurt the parts, is semi permanent, and can be removed with hot water. Just use a small dab.. Fixodent seems to work well for this and last a good while.

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