7 comments on “LU Reboot

  1. @BobaFett2, I’m fairly sure he’s talking about the Luniserver thing.

    Good to hear more from you Zipblock. I know that feeling of being unable to release stuff in your possession all too well… :\ Is there any more LU-related stuff you have that you can release, though?

  2. Hey, if you’d like to talk a little more in-depth about the LU projects, send me an email. Worked on LUNIServer for awhile, left after it just got.. awful. I can fill you in on some stuff.

  3. Help Save Imagination!
    ed: link removed, search for it online
    Lego universe Rebuilt

    Please Help revive lego universe to its full state

  4. Wish I still had my access to the LUP site. I forgot my login and password. I surely would have kept up with everyone after LU went down. I’ll be excited to see another LU surface.

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