14 comments on “Nine Wells

  1. I, Alcom (builder of the Nimbus Isle property ‘Arcticon Cold Front’, the Block Yard property ‘Comm-stud Mini Base’, and the Avant Grove Property ‘Hydrocity’), challenge your claim that Ninewells was the greatest builder in LEGO Universe.

    I fully believe that several other builders in LEGO Universe were and are more capable builders than Ninewells, and that currently, I could defeat Ninewells in a 1 on 1 building competition. While this is a subjective opinion, there are other traits of character that makes a builder great other than his ability to build, and I certainly wish to challenge those traits.

    I have confirmation from Hollis (builder of the Nimbus Rock property ‘Nimbus Labs’, and the Avant Grove property ‘Avant Conservatory’), that Ninewells harassed Hollis, spread rumors about Hollis, all over the issue of Hollis’s success with his Nimbus Rock property.

    Additionally, I have confirmation from Flambridge that Ninewells was against me joining the WBL despite the recommendations of both EnigmaticPlastic and 4estMaster. This was an insult to my character and my ability as a builder, and I was never able to challenge that insult.

    I claim that Ninewells was not the greatest builder or a good builder, and was infact a detriment to the LEGO Universe building environment in general.

    • Well, it is subjective but I also think it’s fair. As you said it’s about other traits as well. He was kind, patient and shared very openly as much knowledge as he could. I was constantly learning from him and he went out of his way to help me and others. The behaviours he implemented on some of his properties were completely boundary stretching. Of course he is the only player to be an NPC, fittingly at the foot of Doctor Overbuild.

      I am not disparaging other builders and you forget other luminaries such as Samurai Master or Mashmallow who were also consistently inspiring. Another trait he had was grace and humbleness, and I never knew him to respond to someone else getting praise in this manner.

      I can’t speak for what was in the works for up and coming WBL members but Flam was not the last word on the subject. There was an active discussion thread in the forums and I won’t embarrass anyone by saying who was and wasn’t being considered. However, I will say that many people were ruled out based on their interpersonal skills and it wasn’t solely based on building. Your post is a good example of the sort of behaviour which would instantly disqualify someone.

      I wholly welcome challenging points of view on this blog, and do not shy away from pointing out even when the Lego company themselves does something untoward. In your case, this being your introduction to this community, it is unfortunate that you are so self absorbed that you can’t celebrate someone else. These are prizes for very good builders in a contest that was run on this blog. In your expose you have failed to acknowledge any of those points.

      Have your opinions, free speech and all, but people are also free to form opinions based on them.

      If you knew anything about his health condition, why he took the name Nine Wells and probable state now then you may not have gone on at length at how you could out build him now, that comes across in very poor taste, judgement and tact. This is an honour and a tribute to someone who embodied great building spirit. One of the wells is for his family, though I’m not sure how to get it to them right now.

      • What I’ve heard of Ninewells is quite the opposite to the kind and patient nature you described, and thus I felt the need to attack your one sentence claim. I wasn’t made aware of the contrasting experience you’ve had, or the close relationship you’ve had. I redact my claim against Ninewells.

        As for my lack of humility, perhaps I could suggest through my actions that this trait of mine would not deter from my worthiness as a WBL?

        • I won’t deny he wasn’t feisty but unless he said or did anything to you directly then it’s someone else’s word. From my experience it’s a rare case for anyone to change their mind and it’s a flexible value that is unfortunately uncommon, so I do appreciate you taking the time to shift your perspective.

  2. After seeing the title, I so saw those nine wells coming. An honorable monument for him, nonetheless. I can’t say I liked the guy, as we totally had this public disagreement at the Nexus Jawbox and it was hilarious, but yeah, he was a good builder and I admire that.

    Looking forward to the prizes though, been excited for quite some time! Thanks for hosting the contest in the first place and for doing this all! 😀

  3. Zipblock, it has been too long since I have visited your site. Thank you for the respect you have shown regarding NineWells. I lost touch with him after Lego Universe closed. For all I know he passed away shortly after. As proof that I am the real Flambridge, many of you know that during the time of LU, my daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. Ninewells was battling the same illness. But whereas my daughter lived, he was failing fast toward the end of LU. Adults usually had only a 40% survival rate. The last I heard from anyone was his wife saying he wasn’t doing well.

    Alcom1, please do not quote me as saying NineWells ruined your chances. You ruined your own chances and your rant against him is all the proof necessary that you lacked the necessary maturity to truly inspire other builders.

    As for me, I have left building altogether. There is a piece of me that would like to do a moc, but I lack the funds and time to put in any sort of dedication. Perhaps one day I will return. It would take another LU to even get me interested. I always said that the ability to interact with your creations from the perspective of a minifig was the biggest selling point of that game. Nothing else has interested me.

    • Flam, I was waiting for you to find this post. One of these are your’s, please email me your mailing address at blobfarm@gmail.com

      I understand leaving part of the hobby, I left virtual building after LU was done for the same reasons as yourself. Real bricks have their hooks in pretty deep into me though 😉

      I am so glad to hear your daughter is well, I have wondered. I stand by my assertion that he was the greatest builder, not necessarily on a technical level though that is easily arguable, but because of his endless inspiration. He left Overbuild to go to Storm server just to inspire more builders and the endless clones of his name were testimony to his celebrity and influence. He was generous with his knowledge and patiently explained so many nuances about the game that even the developers were not aware of because he was so busy pushing the envelope.

  4. Thank you for the offer, but my wife would kill me if she found out I was making contact with old friend from LU. She hated my obsession with that game. It’s a long story that I don’t care to get into. Please feel free to offer the prize to another. The notion is prize enough for me. I did find some old videos that I captured while in LU on my computer. I also have a bunch of pictures that I snapped as well. Might need to do some sort of LU revival post. I keep waiting to hear news regarding a dedicated Lego building game. I mean one focused on virtual building. Just properties and nothing else. No side story, just something for FOL’s. You can hit up my e-mail anytime. mcallisterrich7@gmail.com

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