5 comments on “Simpsons CMF Revealed

  1. I’ve never liked the Simpsons cartoon, and these characters don’t seem to compliment the LEGO style, yellow skin aside. Nevertheless, there are some neat new printing and elements in there, particularly those new multicolored arm molds for short sleeves; but they are not worth the inflated price of the Minifigures in my book.

  2. Burn them! 😛

    Seriously, I don’t like what LEGO has done with this. I don’t agree with the Simpsons at all, and I wrote a letter to LEGO expressing that. I think LEGO made a poor decision, and they should stop this nonsense, and get back to something better (classic space anyone? 😛 ) I, for one, will not be purchasing any LEGO Simpsons minifigures, and may not even buy any LEGO products during the 3 months that series is running. (Unless there’s a good sale. 😛 )

    • Authentically curious, what is the nature of your objection to them taking on the franchise? I’ve noticed that this particular line has been very polarizing, and just like with LOTR, I was very surprised to hear that they actually took this on.
      There are people in our Lug who are vehemently opposed and some who are doing cartwheels. One who can’t stand figs in general but likes the Simpsons so had to make that compromise.

      • Well, I don’t like the show. It is full of immorality, and inappropriate things. I don’t think it should be made into a Children’s toy. Remember, LEGO is for children. It just so happens that Teen and Adults like LEGO too. And a lot of adults like LEGO for it’s nostalgia, or child-like innocence. If LEGO is catering to adults and forgetting about the children, I don’t want their products. I’ll take the ones that are for children (yes, even Chima. 😛 ), but not something based off an adult TV show.

        Not only the Simpsons, but also other adult movies and such. When Prince of Persia came out with LEGO, I was against it too. Also with The Lone Ranger and other PG-13 movies. Not as against them as the Simpsons, because you can stop a kid from watching a movie, but it’s harder to explain to a kid that a television cartoon with yellow people that LEGO is sponsoring is not appropriate. I’m not so much against LOTR or Star Wars, because they are classics and are mostly fine (except for the excessive violence :P). Indiana Jones was on the line for me, because it wasn’t all that appropriate, but I enjoyed the 3rd IJ movie, and I liked adventure sets (and Johnny Thunder was discontinued 😛 ), so I bought a few of those sets when they were released.

        I just think LEGO has gone too far with this theme and they need to get back to thinking exclusively about the kids, and not trying to expose them to adult things (like The Simpsons). I’m not saying they need to dumb it down and take away Star Wars and everything, but they need to remember that kids are still kids. And I told them so too, I wrote them an Email. It might not help now, because they obviously won’t change their minds and make them stop this series before it launches, but it might prevent something worse in the future.

        (Sorry for the long rant. 😛 )

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