8 comments on “2013 Nexus Force Championships – Results and Prizes!

  1. Wow, congrats to MiniTheFig and Hal Scott. Great job on your MOCs, you guys! I myself really want to thank Brigs for putting this contest together and putting the effort into running. Still, a third place prize won by default is hopefully a fluke and if this contest does once again happen next year, I myself should certainly hope to see a great deal more entries.

    I should also note that been designing something else during this contest that has yet to see the light if day. I did some careful observing using reference material, prototyped it in LDD, parted it out in Bricklink, corrected brick colors to use what is available to purchase, and now just need to actually order and build it. Perhaps it will be done by late this year/early next year. 😉

  2. Great job you two! Hope to see the finished model sometime Professor Bickkepper, and congrats on first MiniTheFig I can tell that you put a lot of time into that, it’s so big! I too want to thank you Brigs for putting this together, and thank you all you guys for celebrating the Nexus Force Championships again.

  3. I should have entered! I was actually planning on building (and did build the base of) the YouReeka coffee stand, but I couldn’t get the coffee cup built and so I gave up…

    Congrats to the winners! You should do more types of competition next year than building, such as the best LEGO Universe themed stop-motion (or movie in general). I’d like to enter that one. 🙂

  4. Congratulations Builders! Your creations are keeping the Maelstrom at bay. There is indeed a well deserved bonus prize for Mini, and in fact since everyone waited so fropping long there are extra prizes from last year’s contest too. I have every confidence that the building community of LU in specific will appreciate them.

    I am in the middle of 2 *huge* shows here on the homefront. Last week we did what can be best described as a 3 day Lego festival, where a neighbouring city had events at a half dozen locations and over 30 stores were in on the action. Next week we are going to back at Gottacon, a 3 day gaming convention that runs around the clock.

    So yes, I am busy… but with Lego, so I’m tidying, building, sorting, and every chance I get I put a little LU together. Thank you for your continuing patience.

    Another big hurdle was recovering everyone’s addresses from the broken computer, I will confirm all of them via email before sending anything out though.

    • Wow, thanks a lot, Zipblock. I’m sure whatever those extra prizes from last year are great, no matter what they are. It’s also nice to hear that the great hobby we call LEGO is keeping you pleasantly busy.
      (Sorry I posted this a few days late, my wifi has been incredibly flakey and yesterday I had to put up with a plane ride which started at 1:15 PM and ended at 12:22 PM which also made it hard to check the internet.)

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