4 comments on “The Lego Movie Review

  1. It’s pretty late here so I don’t have the time to write a big comment, but that was quite a fun read. The overall movie lineup seems to be crawling with amusing irony – the sets having supposedly freeform models built from instructions, the video game adaption constantly gives you instructions on exactly what to do next, and the itself movie pokes fun at massive corporations and franchises, not unlike the real life ones that created it or are promoting it. I’ve seen varying opinions on those aspects of the whole thing, but so far it seems nearly everybody agrees it’s a good movie.

    • That’s a good comparison, with the corporations. All of those disparities, also the hit song being highlighted as a message of conformity, they are all there and you can keep going down the rabbit hole really. The physical product is pretty environmentally irresponsible, the production and transporting it around the globe, yet the company promotes positive family values. Octan is an internal, fictional oil company which has a very negative portrayal in the movie, yet that very oil is needed to fuel the real life company machine.

      LU and other virtual building platforms were inherently incredibly responsible maneuvers on a carbon footprint level and cancelling them was bad for the planet 😉

      I jest, but we were told early on that we could not be disparaging about plastic or plastic production for level creations in LU. This environmental stewardship stuff had already been on my mind and I wanted to poke fun at that, so the evil miners infected with Maelstrom was kind of my dig.

  2. Just saw it today and… Everything was Awesome! I aslo saw the little nods to LU and that made me happy inside. Happy Building!

  3. Here’s the Behind the Bricks featurette, quite wonderful:

    I was made aware of this yesterday, the word LEGO is not said once during the movie.

    Incredible opening weekend and we had this huge event that was going on beside it. Quite funny, I had numerous parents tell me how great it was that either the movie or the event had decided to happen at the respective other’s time, it was all a big coincidence though.

    There were no problems with kids ( or parents ) mangling our mocs. Heard ‘everything is awesome’ a dozen times in the crowd though….

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