7 comments on “Rocket Sled

    • Thanks! It went through a few variations, mostly way more complicated and fussy, then this. Happy with this one since it turned out to be just 3 parts, which works with the scale 😉

  1. The fig build should be fairly easy to replicate just looking at it but if you have any specific questions then don’t hesitate to ask! I took a shot of inside the shoulder because that isn’t straight forward and I had to come up with a new solution.

    It’s a lever with a cone on top that is tilted to the angle of the slope, connected to a headlight brick, then connected to the arm. My previous versions had the arm flopping about so this solves that. It’s still a bit fragile but it stays put. Also I had to stick to the small cavity in between the leg ‘pins’ and the arm wall, so there was some space constraints I had to consider. It actually came to me in a dream, I was working on the fig in dreamland, and happy that unconscious me figured it out 😉

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