One comment on “Lego Watch: Friends Edition

  1. Here’s the official set release on bb:

    Interesting to see the difference between those and the leaked ones earlier.
    Ariel has her own unique hair and only sight modifications to the underwater set. Eric’s beard is removed, as well as Sebastian! Sight changes in the print or sticker in that set.

    There are brilliant new wheels for the carriage, hopefully just stickers on the blue slopes, and these new heart elements.

    It looks like the Rapunzel set is almost exactly the same as the preliminary, and so are my thoughts on it: brilliant.

    The big caste has those heart elements as well, and still not that overwhelmed by it. My 3 year old has a different opinion. You can see the glass slipper now, and think they missed a bet by not using a Belleville or Scala shoe in trans, but that is a lot more cost prohibitive then just a print on a panel. Also a bit useless unless they ship it with 2, which they could like the 1 ( er…3 or 4 ) Ring.

    Merida’s set was as shown earlier.

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