17 comments on “LEGO Movie News!

  1. Thanks for adding the pic as the background! I didn’t know it would be this popular. 🙂

    If you want, you can use this version of the picture. It loops better. 😀

        • I was playing with that but if it’s static then you can’t always see the details at the bottom depending on your resolution. I actually have to look at it in a few different places so I can tell first, usually do but was wanting to add it and skipped that step in my impatience 😉 Will tinker with it tonight probably.

  2. WOW.. I feel like my childhood fantasy has finally come to life!!!! This is going to be awesome!!
    Plus..Liam Neeson, Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, AND Will Ferrelll?..Amazing!! And how kewl is a double decker couch?
    Happy Friday!!!

  3. Mrs. Scratchen-Post: Looks like a prototype for the Grandma. I thought t was her from the trailer until I saw this.

    Taco Tuesday Guy: Is that Maraca Man’s twin brother? 😛

    William Shakespeare: Remake of The Thespian

    Marsha Queen of the Mermaids: Again, I thought this was a prototype of the other Mermaid

    Other than those remakes, the series look pretty good! I’m disappointed that the move is introducing new bricks instead of the new bricks being in the movie (if you know what I mean). Honest Abe is the one to get in this series. 😀

    • For myself, and I know that I’m not at in the majority, I look at parts and not the sum first. For most people though I think they still want cool new parts, or interesting variants.

      So yes, there are duplicates on a couple of themes but I welcome them. With grandma, Mexican, and thespian, they add needed *variety*

      Now you can have different kinds of grandmas, a more colourful Mexican scene, and more medieval ( or who knows… scifi? ) characters. Also, different kind of cat!

      I was reading through the eurobricks thread and there was a lot of disappointment which is not surprising as you can’t please everyone and this is a major departure.

      I can’t help but think though… LU series could have been made by now…

      Each faction leader, 3rd level suit from each faction, NPC from each faction (Coalessa, Numb Chuck, Renee, Beck ) top it off with a Mythran, Shouty, Stromling, Wenn, Naomi Mr. Ree, Icewhisker or Captain Jack Knife.

      I’m being nice by adding other faction NPC when of course they could all be Assembly.

      • I see your point. The Mexican guy has a green hat while the other one has a red hat.

        Boy, I’d love to have seen an LU Minifigures series. We should really make a real set (not calling it LU, but everyone who played LU would know it) and submit it to Cuusoo. The only problem is, LEGO won’t make a transparent minifig torso or legs, so no Mythran. (But never mind the dreams and back on topic. 😛 )

  4. The LEGO Movie is definitely such a unique movie and certainly one fans are hungering for. It definitely has gotten down to the LEGO aesthetic and pokes humor at ever corner. There is so much detail and so many fan-services in the movie and it appears to be one of those movies you will have to watch over and over again in order to capture all the references and cameos in it. I had to watch the Wyldstyke trailer a few times before I noticed the reference to minifigure noses or lack thereof.

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