3 comments on “Saffron & Joseph’s Lego Reviews: Old City Hall Moc

    • I can’t claim to have invented this technique, or how a clock works ;), but it is heavily modified to fit and work in the space that I had so it’s essentially a custom build at this point, and definitely will be if I ever get that cuckoo to work. That clutch gear… I was positive I had one and spent like an hour looking for it. It wasn’t in my sorted gears, my random technic bag, my filtered(1) and randomly sorted by size bins, or my random yet filtered bins. No it was at the bottom of the ‘oh my god this bin needs sorting bad’ bin

      There’s weird workarounds if you don’t have a clutch gear but they take up a lot more real estate. It’s essential to have the hands work independent and behave like a predictable clock.

      (1) all basic bricks, slopes, plates, bionicle, minifig stuff, and most uncommons taken out

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