13 comments on “Creation Lab Retiring (And How to Save Your Creations!)

  1. whoa, thanks for the headsup! I am sure there are quite a few people who have stuff on the lab. Follow the link to Rio’s post on LUN for more info on how to use the archive tool.

  2. They’ll probably close the site itself soon and it’s only a matter of time before MLN is removed.

    Unless LDD still calls a mode “LEGO Universe Mode”, there will no longer be mentions of LEGO Universe on the LEGO site (as far as I know).

    It’s saddening, especially because soon we’ll be met with a generation who experience the Minifigures game but have never played LEGO Universe.

    • Sad but very true.. and I wonder why they feel the need to do this.
      I for one, had hoped with all my heart that they would save the properties from LU and host them in the creation lab…or somewhere. So much wonderful work lost forever. 😥

      • My guess is the decision comes down to expenses. There is a dollar value attached to all the volume of data they are hosting and guessing the lab is just huge. There probably isn’t a lot of bandwidth being used as of late which is good and bad. Good because that means it’s one less expense, bad because they see they are using all this storage space for something that isn’t getting much traffic to quantify the expenses.

        With the properties…. ya deep sigh everytime. They exist … somewhere. I’ll see if I can find anyone who knows the fate. Like many builders I dl’d a copy that I can open in LDD, and like many builders I just haven’t done that yet because it’s not the same. I want to be a fig running around my props, not a mouse cursor.

        • Thanks so much Zip
          Yeah, I want to be a minifig running around your props too! And many others as well. Some nights I still do.. in my dreams.

  3. Sounds like the classical case of “If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence you even tried.”

  4. Ah, glad le completed the tool when I told him how it was closing down and that he has been passing the news along… I coul imagine quite a few people being caught unaware and it causing quite a few headaches for those who loose their work. It’s sad to see it go, it was the first thing to herald the coming of LU and now, shortly after the third anniversary of the founders launch of LU, it is closing. 😦

  5. Hey! I’m le717 (le), in case you could not tell. I am planning a small update tomorrow that supports resume downloads and a possible bug report when downloading more than 72 creations (sounds like an arbitrary number but that is what the submitter says). This update means if you have a lot of creations you will not have to leave it running all night (and/or day). I already have my outline of changes written so it should not take long. I just have to fit it into my college HW schedule. Rio or I will let you know when it is releasedy. 😉

  6. Alright! v1.0.1 is out! I couldn’t get the skip feature finished in time (and I’m not too sure I will finish it TBH), but it grabs them all now, not just 72, and it no longer gets stuck in a loop. Fair warning though: it can take a while to complete. If it looks like it has stalled on an lxf (like I was once told, lol), it is actually downloading the next file. If you stop it, it will have to restart from the beginning. Sorry about that, but it’s not as easy to skip creations like I thought!

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