2 comments on “Cuusoo Watch!

  1. The Portal theme seems like a good match if Valve (the only IP holder for that franchise) is willing to cut a toy license (believe they’ve avoided that to not dilute their core business focus, which at this point is the Steam platform).

    Spacial, dynamic problem solving, minimal indirect “violence” against clearly mechanical contrivances (and certainly not celebrated FPS combat).

    They did surprise last go around with the Back to the Future set, the movies were not recent enough to be driving any toy sales, and likely to have a number of different IP holders wanting their licensing cut.

    Any Kerbal Space Program CUUSOO projects up?

    • re: Kerbal, looks like yes! http://lego.cuusoo.com/search/kerbal/1

      I’ve been following that game on /r/gaming and it looks really neat with a very creative fanbase.

      Now, I’ve seen pics of retail Portal guns and there are Companion Cube plushies at our local comic store so I’m hoping that Valve would see the sense in this one. You just have to look at a

        google search for lego portal

      to see how much overlap in fandom there is

      It’s the only FPS I like and play, just don’t generally like the viewpoint or the typical gameplay. Speaking of violence I was flaggergasted when the LOTR liscence was first announced, I never thought they would go there. It’s pretty dark. I’m not complaining as the line has generated so many great parts and colours!

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