13 comments on “2013 Nexus Force Championships!

    • ASSEMBLY!!

      related: The previous Luprechaun contest is *not* forgotten. I have a bag within arm’s reach that has 90% of the prizes. The 10% is taking a awhile to compile. It’s gonna happ’n cap’n.

      Looking forward to this one and I might have to make a non-competition entry 😉

  1. I’ve definitely been looking forward to whatever the next Luprechaun contest would be and I am certainly glad to see that it is finally here, I know exactly what I will do. Just one question, can we enter with multiple creations? 😉

  2. I am so excited for this, the event is set on my calendar and the reminder just went off a few days ago, for THE VENTURE LEAGUE!

  3. My entry is near completion, but I don’t have a Flickr account. Can I post it on another website, or do I have to make an account?

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