5 comments on “Sets

  1. I have noticed this trend as well, for better or worse. In the glory days, LEGO sets encouraged customers to build the set, draw inspiration from it, and create something new. There was no rigidly defined universe, characters, vehicles; the builder was encouraged to invent his own world, building upon the ideas that set and bricks gave him. Today, it seems TLG has abandoned that core principal. Through diabolical marketing, observers are attracted to a strictly defined universe: its characters, vehicles, and environment. In cartoons, children are encouraged to simply recreate scenes and battles from the series. The marketing develops a bond between the character and the customer, prompting him to purchase a hundred dollar set for an exclusive Minifigure, a poorly developed character from his favorite cartoon.

    • It really is for better or worse. The worse part is exactly what you lined out, a complete watering down of the play system. The better part… well it’s a bit mercenary but I’m happy with all these franchises and their successes because that just means more new parts. With StarWars it crossed the event horizon a couple of years ago where I had no idea what the figs and ships were, and I was getting my general SW info now from Lego sets. I’m slowly collecting a pack of these grey, hairy, bug eyed aliens with mohawk fins and have yet to find out who it is and what it’s story is. I just think it’s a cool alien and looking forward to making a small herd. I haven’t bought the set though…

      Whenever a new line comes out I’m just happy because new parts. Finding the best way to get those is my own challenge and I always like skirting the company’s marketing ploys. I support them the best I can but I think they are practically shady when it comes to new StarWars sets. It’s a phenomenal amount of grey slopes and plates with a couple of desirable figs that will curl you hair from the sticker shock. A seemingly endless fleet of these has given me ( and probably many others ) a set fatigue.

      You know what I’d drop everything for? A Mos Eisley Cantina with 12 figs. Ben, Han, Chewy, Luke, C3P0, R2, Greedo, Walrus Man, Hammerhead, Bartender and 2 Bith. Make it a huge set, Death Star size and cost, I’ll show up. If they don’t squidge on the bricks and make sure that it’s interesting, but I have ( a new ) hope because the Jabba lair sets were so well done with a wide array of nice bricks that compliment each other.

  2. I want to see more imagination put into LEGO sets. I like the alternate models on the boxes. I liked it when there was no storyline to hold your imagination down (like Ninjago). You could do what you wanted all the time, and you could build and rebuild.

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