24 comments on “Costume Party!

  1. Great conversation starter!

    Anyone know how to post photos in comments or even if that’s possible? I’d post some of my gear but I can’t seem to put a photo in.

  2. Hah, these are pretty cool. I’ve got screenshots of my favorite outfits somewhere, just a matter of finding them…

    As for character customization in other games, I’d say it depends on the gameplay…

    In LEGO Universe, the stats of the various pieces of gear often seemed arbitrary, and you’d either see people running around in faction gear, all looking alike, or people dressed up in zany outfits that usually didn’t look good but gave high stats or useful abilities. The only places you could really dress up for fun without being at a disadvantage were social areas like, say, Nimbus Station or Nexus Tower – though even then people often just equipped their best gear to show off anyway, and would then often look down on anybody just making cool outfits for fun (like your blacksmith) because they were “low ranking” items.

    Minifigures is a bit of a different story – from what we’ve seen so far, it tends to focus more on action and strategy than LU. Dungeon raiding, proper boss battles (something LU lacked IMO), etc, each minifigure is like a unique class, and you can level up and improve the minifigures you like to play as. It’s a completely different type of game, but personally, I’m ok with that – LEGO’s never really gotten a proper classic style action RPG before (aside from Chima Online, which misses the boat on several aspects), and I’m glad to see something new and different. Considering the focus of the gameplay, I’m not sure how character customization would work without it running into the same problems LU had, but worse. Minifigures isn’t my dream game, but it looks to be fun and fresh, so I’m gonna be giving it a shot.

    Personally, what I’d like to see is an open ended sandbox LEGO game, something along the lines of a modern online multiplayer version of LEGO Creator, with a more advanced level editor… But I doubt we’ll be seeing a game like that from LEGO any time soon.

    • Oh, this is somewhat off topic, but I meant to include this in my previous comment and forgot about it – Zipblock, would you happen to have any screenshots and/or videos of Outpost?

    • You hit the pro/con on the nose there. The showponies and peacocks were offputting to anyone wanting to have fun. To add to the endless series of whatif’s, I wonder how the market/auction feature would have changed the mood in the social areas. It was a constant barragement of spam, begging and trade requests.

      I’m very curious how the skill tree will work on Minifigs, will it be linear or fairly customizable. I love party based rpg’s and appreciate it when devs make it so that you actually have to fine tune your equipment and party to make it through an area, straight up dps just will not cut it.

      Your sandbox idea is pretty much my dream game from them too. A multiplayer property type game, with player made arcade elements and levels ~swoon~

  3. I had my fair share of costumes, one of my characters was named EpicBob96, so I’d only ever wear red shirts and blue pants, so I had a pirate outfit, and a ninja outfit, I would dress as a samurai! Or adventurer, and then I had a casual outfit for just hanging around Nimbus Station, and a business suit for whenever I was making trades. My stats weren’t always the highest, but I sure had a lot of fun dressing for the different occasions?

  4. Okay… Here’s some of my outfits or costumes if you will 😛

    General run around minifig:

    No, that is not photoshopped… 😛

      • Sorry for spamming the comments a bit. I’m just going to do what you suggested to begin with Brigs 😛

        Here are a few of my casual outfits:

        Messing Around On the Venture Explorer
        Messing Around By Nexus Jay
        Hanging Out At My Nimbus Isle

          • I think I might have figured out the issue. I read the Flickr FAQ regarding HTML and it says that simply linking to the source file won’t work. Let’s try this again…

          • The flickr posts you made were put in holding, I didn’t notice, sorry! Though honestly, flickr drives me a bit bats on a usability level. It’s very hard to get a direct image link. It’s great for community, discovery and sharing *within* flickr, but it gets problematic outside.

            For instance, besides the speedbumps around getting a direct link, I have a random image block on our Lug site which should show a new random image each refresh from our events pool, but it only takes from the last 10 images.

            All that said…. great costumes 🙂 Nice hanging out gear!

          • Yeah, I thought it might be a Flickr issue of some sort. I don’t have a clue why the last attempt didn’t work, unless it’s a Flickr-Wordpress issue.

            I’m going to try a tumblr source image this time…

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