9 comments on “BrickCon 2013

  1. Yup, Maverickdengo and I are going as builders, We actually just placed a couple orders for parts so we can bring some Mocs, so hopefully we will receive the parts in time 😛

    and we are voting for the pigs (because we don’t own any Lego cows yet)

    are you going Mini?

  2. I will not be able to attend, as it is just too far a trek, and I really need to be concentrating on my MOCs for Brickfair Alabama. Pigs versus cows looks pretty fun though, somebody should build some Chick-fil-A parodies. Eat more bacon!

  3. Sadly I can’t make it again this year. Family stuff is keeping me pinned pretty close to home. I really want to… even have my pigs vs. cows kickstarter heads! They are really amazing. I didn’t get the gingerbread man as he was $25~ and couldn’t justify that for one fig when I so much else on my todo list to get, plus the Series 10 cookie guy is pretty great. Bad timing on that one huh.

    There will be plenty of VicLUG’ers there so if you see a guy or girl with a yellow shirt and green logo, go up and say you’re a friend of Ziplock 🙂 It’s always good to know a few people at these cons, makes it all a bit less overwhelming.

    I expect lots of pics from everyone who is going though!!

    • Likewise, (especially the Sadly part) I am not attending BrickCon this year either.
      Meeting, or even better hanging out with good folks like you is a big part of the experience.
      Have a great Con everyone!

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