20 comments on “Minifigures MMO News

  1. There is a “reveal” trailer on Funcom’s site now (with the LU login screen music in the background). Looks to be rendered with the game engine, but doesn’t show the player UI, still no indication if it’s a fixed camera view for players like the TT games, or above and behind your toon like most MMO’s.

    No info regarding closed/open BETA.

    PAX Prime is this weekend, we’ll see if Funcom/Lego demo anything there.

  2. It’s begging to resemble LU.. not at all a bad thing.
    If they were to clone the building function, even with all the little glitches, I would be one very happy camper.

  3. Was anyone else gleefully happy when the LU music played? I’m still not sure how I feel about no character custimization but I am happy that at least the figs will have unique abilities.

  4. I’ve been waiting for more information like nothing doing. I’m glad we finally know more! I really like the abilities and I think the UI and camera angle is starting to grow on me. I don’t know about the lack of customization and properties though… Hopefully we haven’t seen everything there is to see as the game is in early beta.

    I really like the emphasis on strategy and teams. The graphics and worlds are excellent too… I just really would like to see someway to stand out from other players. I can live without properties though…

  5. OK.. so…. some of the LU Devs are not so happy… TLG made no bones about the fact that they wanted another project and that they would be using the assets and ideas they had paid for, they just didn’t want to run an internal development house…That does NOT make it hurt less for those who poured their hearts and souls into LU.

    • I can’t say I blame them. It’s bad enough to get kicked out of a project you were working on for five years or more. It’s another to have your work get handed off to someone else’s project after yours got prematurely cancelled…

      • Anyone I know who had a thumb in LU ( not counting Lups ) is not terribly enthused about this, and a lot are offended or upset. This is just anecdotal and sure it doesn’t reflect all ex-employees but the sting is still very real for them.

  6. This may be the first click-to-move game I’ll be interested in! They really nailed it down from the looks of the gameplay, and it looks action packed enough to get me interested! I think LEGO realized that the popularity of Minecraft is something they can’t compete with, and I think this is the next best alternative.

  7. I’ve thought more about what I’ve seen and I have to say that from what I’ve seen, I don’t place the Minifigure MMO on the same level as LEGO Universe.

    I like the visuals and graphics, and the whole concept of fighting enemies is much improved. The emphasis on fighting styles and the minifig effects definitely one-up LEGO Universe.

    Unless there’s a ton I haven’t seen yet though, I think this game really lacks the items, models, and bricks of LEGO Universe. Properties and tons of items to mess with were big things in LEGO Universe and I think this game shoots itself in the foot by not having either.

    I’m sure that LEGO has focus grouped its focus groups to get an idea of what the ideal LEGO MMO is, but I don’t think this game is exactly the ideal LEGO MMO.

    • Without building, and not TT style building of preset models in a pile of hopping bricks, any Lego game is only partially realized. Properties became so much part of the game for me that I totally neglected the actual game play, never finished Ninjago, and was daily working on my props and visiting other peoples’. I came ‘out’ into the game to socialize and get bricks, which worked for me. Then I was more than happy to hermit away, build, and share with friends… and make new friends purely because of building!

      I’d just as soon trade in Chima and Minifigs for a ‘game’ that was social properties, building from a fig’s pov, visiting other’s creations and adding actions and behaviours to the models. Super elaborate multiprop story telling. The moderation overhead must have been madness for them but the only thing that can replace that will be something just like it.

      I’m still going to check these games out and hope to be pleasantly surprised. I’ll be giddy if there is actual building though.

      • I still find it so hard to believe that all the properties are just gone.. that TLG didn’t save them for something..
        I spent more time with properties than gameplay as well.. and even at that there were so many I never got to see…

        • I never was that good of a property builder but I still did a good deal of it. I think that properties or something similar is a pretty critical requirement for any LEGO game that wants to profess to be something above any other video game.

          As far as moderation goes, I’m sure that drained a lot of resources. I think that the Minifigure MMO fixes a lot of the moderation issues though with its automatic team stuff.

          I think that the Minifigure MMO contains the fixes for a lot of the problems with LEGO Universe, but I think in fixing those problems, it lost almost all the shine of LEGO Universe.

          • I would add to that, fixed a lot of the problems that *Lego* was having with Lego Universe. Since they built this from the ground up and not adjusting and fixing a broken business model as they went, this will be far more streamlined.

            I was always very disappointed with how LU was pitched and marketed. So many gamers and Lego fans alike didn’t know the game existed until the game cancellation was announced. What… there was a Lego MMOG? I was pushing from the get go to have deep set integration, items codes in the sets that you would redeem in game. What MMOG has a toy aisle in every department store prelaunch? That was their edge and it was wasted.

  8. Agreed, Zipblock. Sets should have been a no brainer for them.. not an afterthought.
    As for “print” marketing, at the very least every LDD user, LUG and all the forums should have had huge announcements and possibly open beta invites.
    I have always contended if they had catered to the builders a bit more than the gamers they would have had a product for life. Builders seldom tire of building, but gamers move on to the next thing very often.

  9. My real hope right now is fan made LEGO MMOs. I figure that’s as good as we’re going to get as far as getting what we want. Does anyone know how Project BUILD is going? There’s never much activity on their site.

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