15 comments on “Chima Open Beta

  1. It’s not perfect, but it’s interesting to see a LEGO game that’s along the lines of an action RPG. A nice breath of fresh air after eight years of little more than TT’s fun but monotonous licensed titles.

  2. I’m Level 16 at the moment. I’ve had no problems with area-limitations for membership. Does anyone know what the two other buildings sets are at the end? I’m not a member and I’m not about to purchase a membership to find out.

  3. I have to say that I was presently surprised by this game, it is definitely different but still good. In the short time that I’ve played I’ve also gotten some gold bricks as drops, so purchase isn’t necessary for more. My Venture League Spirit is also running free, taking me into new zones before being told to 🙂
    Sonic Brass Snowball is out, peace!

  4. Maybe I’m just a bit stubborn, but from what I’ve seen I don’t really like Chima Online. I dunno. I like the camera angle and controls of LEGO Universe much more.

    • Those things bother me a little too, but I have gotten more used to them. Sometimes I still try to use the arrow keys to move though

  5. My character’s name is Serious SkillfulRabbit. I think the game is good, especially that F2P doesn’t have as many limitations as LU did.

  6. Summer greetings 🙂 I’m feeling a little envy those who can play this new game. You know, it won’t allow me to play it due to my region 😦 WIll people be able to play it regardless of any regions if the full game release? … but when? … I’m wondering who could answer this.

  7. Honestly, I hate the game. First off, it’s browser-based and made in Unity. I’m not used to this awful quality of MMOG from LEGO, but it wouldn’t be good to hold it to LU’s standards. It’s just not worth my time, and what is? Minifigures Online. Cannot wait for that.

    • My main problem is microtransactions. I’ve tried several of these types of games and find I absolutely loathe them. They rip me right out of the gaming experience. What I want is to buy a game and then I have it, end of story. I don’t want to be nickle and dimed all the way through. I’ve found that PS DLC that I have run into has been done right, it was not game breaking and there was no hard sell in the game whatsoever. In fact, *I* had to research to find it.

      I don’t know which was worse for me, Simpsons or the new Muppet game. The problem is how much I love both of those franchises and was really impressed with the production quality. These are just not games to me… it’s just plopping items down on the ground and waiting for them to spit out beans. If you don’t want to wait then pay a magic bean. How is that gaming??

      Granted… Chima has already defied that by having a strong arcade element and rpg style resource leveling. You can’t purchase the game straight up and it seems to be a nice balance of ftp with purchased perks, and from the looks of it there is no hard sell in the game.

      Though, it’s always in the background and it tears me away from the game escapism when I see that little timer. It’s a quiet nag, oh btw you can pay me. Will this be a successful game model in 5-10 years? Will a generation of gamers growing up with this think that it’s the new normal and not care?

      Thank goodness for Nintendo and their unwavering stance on DLC & microtransactions and giving the player the entire game experience at the point of purchase.

      • I definitely agree. I created a topic on the LEGO Message Boards prior to Open Beta launching and complained about the microtransactions. I just think it’s done the wrong way in this game, especially with the best gear for sale in the market. I’d love cosmetic related stuff, like bricks, and then some extra stuff (the 15% more xp/studs is fine with me), but not the best gear. And rushing, I’ve encountered this in WarFrame, where you can rush items that are being built for some of the premium currency. It’s quite annoying to see, but I can live with it.

  8. I am way behind you guys.. I just made a character today..Violet Amethyst Willow. I haven’t really started playing yet. I am expecting company from the East Coast, and so I have been cleaning and such for a week… So tired I couldn’t even figure out how to exit the game…

  9. I am trying out the game, for those that want to find me I’ve made my characters name King purpleblade.

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