4 comments on “Cuusoo Delorean Unveiled

  1. I agree that its not the best delorean ever, but I will likely pick it up anyway, especially for the minifigs. And I like that they have parts to build all three versions :). and I do think they are the first versions of Fox and Lloyd.

  2. Reflecting the opinions of many fans, I also agree that this is not the best model of the Delorean that I have seen built out of LEGO and I definitely think that the sloped 6×8 plate for the hood was definitely better that the current one, even if this one this swappable. I also liked how the concept model could fit both figures. Of course, I’ll still be getting this set, if not just because of the exclusive figures and the IP. I should also be able to dig up a 6×8 sloped plate and I think I’ve thought of a better way to build the door that should allow another minifigure.

  3. I suspect you are right, that there will be many after market ‘improvements’ made. It’s pretty interesting to see the reaction of the community to this. I’ve been giving it all some thought, and what if after Cuusoo approves of a project that they make a few different designs for fans to vote and comment on? This part seems quite critical to me as fans are feeling left out and unheard in a process which is in theory all about their wishes.

    I wonder what other disenfranchised franchises we might get to see now… an Ecto-1??

    Here’s their reaction so far to the spelling mistake:

    i wonder if they offer a replacement piece at the point of purchase. It seems impossible to insert it into the boxes if they are already produced?

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