12 comments on “The Lego Movie Trailer

  1. Awesome! I saw this earlier today, and I think it looks fantastic! I love the animation style they went with, giving it a stop motion feel and all, and they have some pretty big talent in there. And considering all the little references to Legos past just in that teaser, I’m sure we are In store for all sorts of nods to the various themes throughout the ages and to the things that make lego our favorite hobby!

    I hope to see some tie-in sets to coincide with the movie πŸ˜›

  2. I can’t remember where I heard now, but that there will be a set line attached to it. There is some dogging on this movie so far but I’m stoked. I think it will be brilliant. I agree with your take on the animation style, it reminds me also how the Gnomeo and Juliet movie was done, that it actually was ceramic characters and you completely believed they were that substance through the noises and paint chips. This is even more so with their lack of flexibility. I can only imagine that this movie will be stuffed, and have a high rewatchability factor.

  3. Wow, that’s awesome! I wasn’t expecting the stop motion feel, but I absolutely love it. I had heard that there would be sets too zipblock, but I also can’t remember where I read it, it was just briefly mentioned in something I was reading so I wasn’t really sure at the time how true it was, but after the trailer I’m really excited to see what sets they come up with if they do make some.

  4. I saw this yesterday! can’t wait to see more of it! Love the animation style! I mean, they even put the seams on the arms (because seams exist in real life. πŸ˜‰ ). The only think I didn’t like is the facial expressions. They don’t even look like LEGO. But other than that, EPIC!

  5. And yes, that is the original Johnny Thunder at 0:41, left of the mermaid. πŸ˜€

    I want to watch this for sure! πŸ™‚

    “I only work in black, and sometimes, very, very dark gray.” -Batman



  6. Man, this is one movie I’m certainly going to see the first day in theaters. (Midnight release, anyone? :P) It’s incredible the amount of great talent in the movie and I’m certainly looking foreword to seeing Morgan Freeman in particular. (Did you know Will Ferrel was the indirect original inspiration for the Pre-Pre-Alpha Reporter?) I also can’t wait to see how the movie will handle all these classic LEGO themes that you can see in the trailer!

    • This is the first movie ever that I have been thinking midnight showing and dressing up in costume. It might be very clunky and awkward dressed as a giant minifig in the theatre though πŸ˜‰

      • Heh, perhaps we should build Nexus Force armor/weapons out of LEGO bricks. I am not much of a roleplay person myself, but it’s hard to resist the Assembly Engineer shoulderpads and helmet.

  7. I like that it follows the stop-motion style.The production value seems to be very high. I’m really happy with their decision to keep it ‘brickish’. The figures seem not to be bendy or ‘animated’. And I love that the laser beams he’s dodging are trans-red light saber blades. Actual Lego parts!

  8. Wow. I’m really impressed. I very rarely watch movies and go to theaters, but I am definitely going to watch this movie as soon as I can.

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