6 comments on “LEGO Master Builder Academy level 4- Invention Designer! With a steampunk theme!

  1. Man, I can’t help but feel hyped after seeing this ad in the magazine yesterday. I certainly find myself to be a heavy builder in the steampunk category so I hope to see some pieces in good colors and also can’t wait to see what LEGOs take on steampunk is like.

  2. I have been looking forward to this for some time…and I am hoping for some good pieces as well.

  3. I just wish they would stop teasing us and give us some true steampunk sets. This is great and all, but they are limited to ensuring you can make a wide variety of models… In the end they compromise on part selection. Navy blue? Wheres the dark brown?

  4. The concept art is amazing, it makes me wish we had a steampunk world in the LEGO Universe. Maybe if this kit is a success TLG will be motivated to do a full theme.

    • Steampunk out of Lego corporate isn’t completely unknown, both the Orient Adventure and the Time Cruisers theme had some very Steam Punk designs hidden in among their sets.

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