11 comments on “Interview with a former LEGO Universe developer

    • Awesome! Thanks nealy for sleuthing this out, and thanks to mystery dev too 🙂

      I was *really* looking forward to the prop stuff that was coming out with the new build, I didn’t know about the build anywhere part. That would be pretty neat.

      • Yeah! No problem! 😀 I’m so glad he let me ask these questions 😀

        I’m sure, it sounds like quite the awesome prop update. It would have got me building more. 😛

  1. Great interview but it makes me sad, LEGO dropped the ball, just think of all the great stuff we could have had if they had stuck with it :/

    • I wish LEGO stuck with it one more year before they decided to pull the plug; these expansions, particularly the advanced properties and PvP, might have saved the LEGO Universe, or at least really fun to mess around with. I probably would have had a hulking movie-accurate “Destiny’s Bounty” constructed with that! What would you guys have built?

  2. Every once and a while I look into what the old LU team is up to. Nice to see something recent. Gosh I miss virtual building in LU. I be plainly honest. I have not built much of anything since LU closed. So much talent gone to waste….*sigh*

    • Hey hey Flam 🙂 Good to hear from you. Keep checkin in once in awhile ( or more ) there’s always plots being hatched around here.

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