9 comments on “Lego House for Toddler

  1. Wow, that looks like a very entertaining model! Now all she needs is the classic pink modular rocket to fly her mini-dolls around the house in!

  2. Now that is just too adorable! Smart dad, get your kids hooked early! She sounds quite a bit like my brother when he was that age!

  3. What a great Dad you are!! That is fabulous!
    She will remember this all her life, Zip.. and years from now she will feel a warm rush of love when she thinks of it.. trust me.

  4. Awesome sauce! none of my siblings were that interested in LEGO when they were young, but there is still time to hook them Bwahahahaha! great model!

  5. Thanks! I’m not sure if she’ll remember this exactly, but it can’t hurt the relationship right.

    Here’s a few more detail pics:

    The doors were bothering me, I have dozens in 4 different colours but no matching pairs. Talking to a guy in my local lug who modified some red ones of these types to pair pointed out to me the price discrepancy on bricklink. 5¢ for right side and $9 for left side in red…. Turns out this yellow door is from a 1984 set and is worth $10-20. I might have to figure out another solution…?

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