23 comments on “Contest Winners!

  1. Wow! What a surprising honor! My brothers are thrilled! (Due credit should be given to them!) I want to say thanks to all running this, and congrats to everyone else, this has been a way to remember LU in the way it was intended to be, a place where imagination runs wild!

  2. Thanks, Zip! Congratulations to the other winners, and great building everyone, I really like all the entries!!

  3. Congratulations to all on a fabulous group of MOCS, and HUGE KUDOS to Zip for running the contest.

  4. Superb MOCs all absolutely brilliant! And yes I remember the ape location too, I spent many hours battling there.

  5. Unfortunately, I missed this contest due to not checking often.
    Question: How would one acquire one of the LEGO Universe Pod minifigures? I saw that one was entered in the contest.

  6. There were seven total, bradfordrant.org is still up remarkably. Good times, had so much fun tracking them down and guessing at their location. Never did get one, but sure did get me excited for LU!

    • I also came across a few pods in the final months inside the game. I had a small fortune in clear gems that I spent in replicating as many possible copies of the pods as I could and then handing them out as in game prizes and such. I have the LDD files somewhere still….

  7. Congratulations to the winners! I must agree with the first place, the Ape Battle is magnificently built! Thank you, Zipblock, for hosting this contest!

    • Let’s say, I have 90% of the prizes ready, and 5% of the remaining is from someone else so I will probably have to write that off for now and figure out an alternative.

      The next 3 days for me is in theory just Lego! I have a show on Sunday so will be getting all this finished.

      Delays, sorry, etc.

    • Some of you know that I have had a pretty big family problem going on and really it’s the source of the delay. Thanks for your patience and this will happen, I am looking at half of the loot right now.

  8. Oh! I didn’t know you were having family problems, I’m sorry. I’m perfectly happy to wait, I was just looking for an update.

    I hope everything with your family is ok, I can pray for you if you want?

    • Thanks Mav 🙂 I support any form of positive thought, as thought manifests into action, and appreciate yours. At this point I need an exorcist. Past 6 months there has been a lot of change and trying to use it for growth.

      Part of my self care though is this hobby and have made it clear to my tribe that this weekend I want to make a Lego cave in my Lego cave. Part of that will be a solid stab at polishing this off as well 🙂

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