13 comments on “Contest Closed!

  1. These entries are amazing! “Planet Crux Discovery” is very clever with the movie-accurate interior and forced perspective!

  2. Indeed, very nice creations! It’s great to see all those details from LEGO Universe, but with real LEGO bricks!

  3. Alright everyone, group build! Seeing all of these next to each other would be awesome, well done all!

  4. Wow that Nexus Talon Dropship just blows me away, these are all really awesome, they bring me back to the good old days!

  5. Quite impressive! The scenes from the worlds like Gnarled Forest and FV I can actually see. That’s good work everyone!

  6. These are all fantastic, they bring back memories of happy times, and all exhibit great planning and execution. It’s funny, I could identify a few entries builders just from knowing them in LU…
    You have all done an awesome job.
    I would not want to have to judge this contest.. they each tug at my heart strings.

  7. Yep, you should all be really proud of what you made here! There is a certain magic in manifesting something from a game into reality and all the different scenes with the different styles made this more inspiring then I thought it could be.

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