10 comments on “News on the Funcom MMO

    • Regarding a “fixed” isometric view or fixed camera track in an area, we’ll just have to wait and see, it might be user selectable, or the UI might be modifiable (for instance there’s a torchlight 2 free look mod available). I remember a bit of grumbling with LU regarding the difficulty players had adapting to the third person view, especially in tight areas (Brig Rock was big offender, you’d pop in and out of a first person viewpoint constantly while working the admirals over, very disorienting for the first couple of go arounds) or areas requiring a really good sense of perspective (some of the Ninjago jumping puzzles in the rafters, or simply bridging over to the dragons in the Forbidden Valley Dragon Battle instance). You’ll hear the same complaint about other MMOs that have platforming areas or transitions in and out of tight battleground areas (check some of the complaints regarding Guild Wars 2’s optional achievement jumping puzzles).

  1. It just might. One of the biggest challenges every waking moment for LU was polygons and having the free roaming camera meant that it was pretty hard to control at the best of times.

    A fixed camera means that if there is a building area like Properties it will be infinitely lacking in comparison. Can you even imagine? I would sometimes have to line up my camera to place a model, it became a minigame unto itself. You would lose so much and for that reason I don’t think there will be a similar Property type zone.

    Otherwise I could get used to it. With Dungeon Siege, my main experience with this type, you could at least zoom right in on your character, and you could ‘wedge’ the camera between a wall and yourself to get a better look at your gear. I have my doubts there will be a zoom, assume they are taking a page from TT games.

    All that said, going from what has been released this week I’m feeling pretty optomistic about this game! Evidence of PVP zones and possible portability between platforms. That was a direction they were thinking with LU was to have it go mobile. There was a Unity version being developed for mobile devices: http://www.crazyelbows.com/?page_id=44

    I think that would be pretty sweet, being able to check in on my game on the fly and then at home. You can bank on the game being microtransaction driven though. I have uninstalled many the game because of that model. I tried out the Simpsons game recently and it wasn’t so much that, but the bloody alerts of Homer going off at odd hours, and zero way of turning them off. That and everything being about the donut currency, I find it off putting. I personally find it totally cheapens the game experience when the game is nagging me for more money, just let me play the thing. I bought it, leave alone you seagulls.

    • However, if it’s based on LEGO Minifigures you purchase, it would be a nice little perk to have a digital embodiment. But I am amazed at how much parental money kids blow (BrickFair for example) on little LEGO knickknacks, so I guess it’s score one for marketing.

      • I also agree, I’ve I am going to pay for a subscription I don’t want to have to pay to get ingame stuff as well, I kind of felt like that with TOR.

    • WE will not be buying/ downloading ANY game with this business model…
      All a parent hears after the first10 minutes is Mom, why CAN”T I buy this upgrade”
      NO thank you.
      LEGO Universe had the right business model…Pay to play one price..tho an buy hours option is nice as well as monthly and yearly one.

  2. Funny this post comes up after I posted on the previous thread. lol

    Looks like Diablo LEGO style. fun time waster.
    As for the ISO view, boo, LU got me because I could see throw the eyes of a minfig for once and not from a birds eye.

    Yea some time it was hard on properties to build/line things up.
    But really, we play with LEGO and deal with challenges daily like that.

    Beta Q3, where do I sign up?

  3. I posted some info on the messageboards about the new information so that younger LEGO fans know what we all know.

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