16 comments on “Chima Footage

  1. It looks very disappointing, though, I wasn’t expecting much in the first place. With all of these new games LEGO is trying to make, Why can’t they give us a game that’s just for building? I really miss being able to explore LEGO builds from a Minifig’s point of view.

    • Ok, Ignore what I just said… The game looks pretty neat (still not as great as LU though). I should watch more of the video next time before I start commenting… I’m still bitter about the fact that LU is gone, only to be replaced with this and the Minifigs game.

  2. Excellent find! Though I agree with Maverickdengo. The fixed camera seems like a bad decision and the gameplay and the storyline of Chima looks strange. I’m not too happy.

  3. Looking good!
    Yes, the urge to compare it to LEGO Universe is natural,
    but it’s not the same game, and never intended to be.
    Anyone who played LEGO Universe is going to miss the building aspect, but the Chima adventures look awesome.

  4. Personally, I like the top down style, but to each his own I suppose. The building elements look cool too – like a blending of RTS and RPG style gameplay. This could be very interesting for sure.

  5. I’ve played a game series for about a decade on and off called Dungeon Siege which is a top down game, I don’t really mind it either.

    It’s hard not to compare this to LU, because not only we will, but game reviewers, other general Lego fans and the Lego company themselves will be. You can bet they looked at LU and saw what they felt didn’t work when this was being designed ( and what did to )

    I wonder if the chat will be a free range, dictionary white/black list based style or more of a canned, menu selection kind, or whether it will be more like LU actions.

    I think a big reason many LU fans will be somewhat deflated was because building was such a huge part of the gameplay experience. It became essentially 90% of my gameplay, with the rest mopped up with socializing and the occasional actual playing ( which was usually my own kind of game like Oobing )

    From the looks of this, I wonder if it will be mission based where you build a construction that generates troops or resources necessary to complete an area. I also wonder if you will have much say in your own character or whether you play a randomly named character from a small selection pool of races.

    I’m working at keeping an open mind, but for me to give this a lot of attention, the communication has to be pretty wide open, I have to be able to find my friends with ease and ideally an open gameplay environment where you can do many different things.

    One of the greatest parts of LU was you could do anything you wanted, even make up your own silly games. There was the game itself in the background acting as a suggestion on a coathanger, and then all the silly things that people did in between which was the most memorable. Will that be a possibility here? Wait and see 🙂

  6. Not surprised…! I’m going to be adding a blurb to the about page in case any legal dept comes across this blog. I’m happy to comply with any takedown info of posts but won’t divulge any personal information about any people who participate on this blog.

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