4 comments on “Mike Crowley

  1. Mike was only in his 30’s maybe 36 or so. Way too young.
    He was an amazing guy.. I met him back in 06 or 07 with John Langrish, and Andrew Becraft.
    How do you say goodbye to a legend?

    When somebody dies, a cloud turns into an angel and flies up to tell God to put another flower on a pillow.
    A bird gives the message back to the world, and sings a silent prayer that makes the rain cry.
    People disappear, but they never really go away.
    The spirits up there put the sun to bed, wake up grass, and spin the earth in dizzy circles.
    Sometimes you can see them dancing in a cloud during the day-time, when they’re supposed to be sleeping.
    They paint the rainbows and also the sunsets and make waves splash and tug at the tide.
    They toss shooting stars and listen to Wishes.

    And when they sing wind- songs,
    they whisper to us, don’t miss me too much.
    The view is nice and I’m doing just fine.

    RIP Mike

  2. Mike’s been sick for a long time. I don’t know the exact cause but it’s going to be systemic of what he was in an out of the hospital for.

    MRR: you always have the right thing to say. John’s pretty shook up about this, Mike made a lot of friends on the various forums and cemented those connections at so many events.

  3. Wow… I saw that model in LDD form back when I first started poking around in the LU assets back in 2009, I loved it, but had no idea who had built it. Really sad to hear this. 😦

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