18 comments on “CONTEST!

  1. Couple of notes:
    You don’t have to have had a LU account to enter the contest, there is no way for me to verify that anyways. Contest is open to everyone!

    Contest is open to all ages. I will try and make it fair for age categories. If need be there are a host of S6 judges I can call on for impartiality.

  2. My brother made a cool maelstrom creature… Bigger then a spider-ling, yet smaller then the Queen!
    Maybe he should submit it..

  3. AFTER a project has been submitted, can pictures be posted at the MOC corner or other LEGO related sites??

  4. Yes! That sounds like a great idea 🙂 If it is reposted on another site, could I ask that a blurb be added that it’s for this contest and a link back to the flickr or the contest page on this blog?

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