2 comments on “Cuusoo Summer Review

  1. Their guidelines from a while ago stated licensed themes are a real low probability, due to the need to negotiate with the IP holders.

    The modular western theme seems most likely, except Lego has a Lone Ranger theme license in association with the upcoming 2013 film, seems somewhat redundant.

    The Eve Rifter is a possibility, though like minecraft sets, I can see it revised into microscale ships representing all Eve Online ships, dependent on whether CCP contacted TLG/CUUSOO with good licensing terms (which is what sort of happened with Mojang and the Minecraft set, Mojang is tiny, not much in the way of negotiation was needed to get to where every stake holder agreed they were getting a good deal).

    Back to the Future, just too many stake holders there.

    Zelda, Nintendo already has a licensing deal with one of the competitor building block brands for the Mario IP, it’s possible there is some sort of right of first refusal for that company WRT “in building block toy form”.

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