5 comments on “S6 Property Level Idea

  1. That would have been so awesome, Zip. You paint a picture well with words, and I could clearly see much of this.. (and see where I would struggle) Fabulous vendor name…
    This would have been an outstanding addition to the game.
    But.. but… but… why not a redhead???

  2. That’s a pretty darn awesome idea! The micro-building-smashing stuff sounds especially fun. The only thing rather iffy is the ninja hood thing, as you said, it could lead to some weird stuff outside of that level.

    • The micro-building smash fun was inspired from a conv with HappyPappy. I think it would have flown over great, it would have been very satisfying and realistic to implement breakable buildings like that.

      You could have it so that on impact it would have fallen apart and sent a message to a hidden model of a the broken foundation to be built in it’s place. That would stick around for x amount of time and then rebuild itself to original state.

      All the teams were gunning for team specific tokens to be dropped in their levels. There were even actual minifig shirts made up by ND designers that were intended to be worn out and about in the game. Putting that on my list to find a copy of right now!

      There would be almost no chance of getting the maelstrom hood in there, but I wanted to pitch something that possibly wouldn’t break the economy or leveling and that hat was a pretty low level, first or second faction kit, gear.

      At the time I made this pitch, Happy Flower wasn’t off the table and they were still going to bring it back with a better ui, but they wanted to focus on properties as a viable building medium. They wanted LUPs to showcase this and show players how you could use props to build whacky stuff. Problem is, pretty much zero pre-release LUPs bit and a lot were pretty frosted about this and that so the retention level was plummeting. That’s when you started to see in game recruitment, and *those* LUPs were the ones that taught me how to build effectively on props 😉

      I wasn’t alone, there was maybe 3 or 4 other pre-release LUPs who were actively building on props and maybe a dozen or so others behind the scenes still making models, but it was getting pretty empty for a bit and very nice to have the player community so involved for those last 6 months or so.

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