8 comments on “LEGO Minifigures Series 9

  1. Awesome, just saw these on the LEGO Wiki yesterday! The Fortune Teller minifigure would be a perfect intensive to build the superstitious fortune teller booth from the Youreeka concept art…

  2. Almost every fig here has some unique new molded piece, and the Knight, Spaceman and Dr. Jekyll which are recycled into new colours are pretty swish too. I’d be happy to have many of each, and hopefully my favs are not going to be the rarest…

    *edit: here’s the Eurobricks review with lots of tasty pics. Gives you an idea of the scarcity of some figs. Wasn’t there a plunger hat in LU…? Also, I might be wrong here but is that a new sword for the Knight?

    • *sigh* 6 out of 7 of my want most list are on the rare list..
      And yes, Zip, there was a plunger hat in LU..

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