6 comments on “Microscale Nimbus Plaza and Spider Queen

  1. Wow.. what a wave a nostalgia.
    Re Nimbus.. WOW.. that is totally awesome!!! Totally nailed it.. and he said on his page he never played…
    Re the Spider Queen .. The nightmares will start again now.. LOL..
    Seriously that could have been a great set!

  2. Gabe uploaded these pictures to the LU Wiki under the username “TheSpitFyre” so I assume that was his name in LU. Really amazing models – I’d love to see a mini-scale Monument or Great Tree, too!

  3. I was friends with Gabe on LU, and we found each other on youtube after the game’s closure. Jamesster guessed closest, his username was SpitFyre.

  4. If that goes up on Cuusoo, there’s no way I’m not buying it. Too bad LEGO Factory is gone; in any case, those models are amazing.

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