9 comments on “The MOC Corner

  1. Hey! I will join for sure! I would have yesterday, but I was away for the weekend and I didn’t have internet! look forward to some MOCS coming from me!

  2. Well on day 3 we now have 142 Posts in 44 Topics by 11 Members.
    We have also established our MOC of the Month contest..
    I am feeling good about this!!
    I am especially happy about the LU Museum…

  3. A quick update on our progress ..
    Total Members: 21
    Latest: Zipblock
    Total Posts: 1458
    Total Topics: 126

    Total MOCs posted: 51
    Generally MOC topics receive 4-5 replies, and if the MOC is interesting that number goes up to 9-10. That’s usually more than most people can get on a lot of other sites and the comments are generally meaningful and helpful. So, I invite you all to come and share your MOCs with us!

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