11 comments on “New Lego Lines

    • Mini, I am in love with the Hobbit sets. I can easily see picking them up, wonderful looking builds with tonnes of detail and incredible new fig parts.

      I have a *lot* of friends complaining about how they are turning the Hobbit into 3 movies. I for one am pretty happy because it means more Lego sets, sets on the shelf for that much longer and a great new game that I can only imagine is being worked on as we speak ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ve slowed down, not eliminated, the flow of Duplo into the house because that tap fills up buckets pretty quick in comparison to cheese bricks. This hobby does take up space huh?

      Brickset is a good site for sales, I’ve found that they are consistently good at new releases and deals ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m really looking forward to both TMNT and Hobbit sets. I wasn’t happy when Lego sent me a personal invite to the first store showing of the TMNT minifigures in NY though โ€ฆ I live in the UK! Thought they would’ve guessed that it would be a little far for me to travel dressed up as a turtle. They were just teasing me, LOL!!!!

  1. Awesome, it also looks like the final wave of Ninjago sets will have a lot of old molds in a gold color, that could prove useful…

  2. Now, a little birdy ( actually kind of a large goose ) told me about these, so quacks off to him:

    We’ll just see if that is still there tomorrow, click it while it’s hot.

    Also, here’s some of the new StarWars sets for 2013:
    Star Wars 2013 sets

    I am pretty non plussed about all of these, it’s just a bunch of ships, kind of like all of the other ships. The Old Republic helmets look very interesting though I have no idea who they are. Oh wait, I’m crazy jacked for the RANCOR. I should be content once I have 3.

    • Tweet! chirp!
      *Ahem* -=cough cough=-
      I mean,
      HONK HONK! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I have seen most of these sets in their early prototype stages. They look like a lot of fun and I am pretty excited for the entire line. The new elements alone are great but there are some excellent colours coming out of this line too.
      Like Ninjago, there is a gameplay element alongside the building toy, in this case rip-cord cycles!
      “Legends of Chima” is slated to “replace” Ninjago in 2013. No release date has been announced yet but you can bet it will happen soon.

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