8 comments on “Pre-launch Analysis of Game

  1. Wow, lots of info here, great article. So let’s see… Eight explorers instead of four, so would that make two per faction?

    A plastic shortage? Meh, I can see why that story bit didn’t make the cut, seems a little strange to me.

    So, originally, the Nexus was a source of infinite plastic, while on the opposite end of the planet was the source of Imagination (The Nimbus?). Interesting, but once again I can see why they ended up dropping the whole “plastic” thing and just focusing on Imagination.

    Wait, so, where and what exactly was the Maelstrom at this time? If it was contained by a giant wall, then I don’t see how it could be a black hole in space like it ended up being in the released game.

    So, for characters, I see Exeter is mentioned, I assume this guy later became Duke Exeter? Then there’s Omega, Bright King, Rocket McCloud, Mason Brick, and Dawn 52… More explorers/faction leaders? And Baron Typhonus was named Maestro? So, that’s seven, who’s the eighth? Doctor Genesis?

    Ah, more of the early factions names. Aside from these early names, I also saw some pictures from a LUP event (either 2007 or 2008) that suggest Venture League was simply called “Adventure”, is that correct?

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    • The state of the game was everything was on Planet Crux, nothing had blown up. The Maelstrom was kept at bay and there were many forces at play.

      I think there was just the 4 ‘factions’ and leaders, but different names. I can’t remember who these hero names were but they were meant to be big players.

      It was odd, we didn’t get a lot of feedback from ND except from the Community team liason. The head writer made maybe one post on the forums, but most everything we said or suggested still managed to trickle to the right desks.

      I don’t know if any of my suggestions had an impact on the game development or if they would have naturally gone the direction they did anyways. I’m glad they took out the series of religious connotations because it would have detracted from the gameplay and story. I’m pretty into comparative religion and found the ideas proposed pretty interesting!

      From what I remember: Baron was Maestro, Doctor Overbuild was Dr. Genesis. As far as Venture league being ‘Adventure’, I think that was basically explaining their main trait.

  2. Also, I’d like to write up an article for Outpost on the LU Wiki, could we somehow get your art on there? You can sign up and upload it yourself if you’d like ( http://legouniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Upload ), or if you’d prefer, I could just re-upload it for you so you don’t have to sign up (don’t worry, either way the article would both say who drew the concept art, and link back to the original blog posts here). We like to have an article for every zone, including unfinished and unreleased ones, and right now we’re noticeably missing an article for Outpost. 😛

    • Right, I remember this now, it’s on my todo 🙂 I’m actually in the works of prepping some Sector 6 and Outpost posts. Kind of the difference between the ‘mostly harmless’ entry to the sprawling entry Ford intended.

  3. Oh, and, uh, one other thing… You wouldn’t happen to still have those early design documents, would you? 😛

    • Since I don’t have much time to type, and I was going to make almost the same exact comments as Jamie, I’ll just say that I agree with him. 😀 😉 I find this all fascinating, and quite cool to know! If you ever have any more stuff like this (Or concept art of this!), Zip, let us know! 😀

  4. Wow! Super fun stuff. More religious or creation overtones in the final game would have been awesome… I remember a LEGO Magazine from Fall 2009 mentioning that the game would have an origin story (which was kinda detailed in the journal of Typhonus on the website).
    The idea of Creative Sparks never really got touched upon either which is a shame, nice to see it mentioned here though.

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