5 comments on “More LU Outpost concept art

  1. Dang, this would have been such an awesome area if it could have been completed… D: I really like the landscape idea, with the pillars. Though, how would you have done those in-game, as terrain can’t have inverted slopes? Brick built them, used the pillar models from Gnarled Forest, or maybe used some custom 3D models?

  2. James, I was pretty fond of the whole idea. I like a lot of the ideas behind Firefly, but wanted it to be a little less cowboy and more Space Pioneer, but still that frontier town vibe. Kind of like Mos Eisley but not as arid and not quite as bustly.

    The pillars would have been sculpted in Happy Flower and we had some pretty successful terrains generated. I was really looking forward to doing some mad experiments, like taking some gray scale imagery and basing the height projections off of that, like electron microscope pollen pics. They pulled the plug on HF pretty early and I couldn’t get the ball back rolling on that at all.

    I made some brick built vegetation that I’ll post pics of soon too, some massive modular cactus trees.

    On an art note I was busy doing my first street chalk painting last weekend, here’s my writeup if you wanted to snoop 🙂


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