9 comments on “Series 8!

  1. There are some figs and pieces here I’m quite excited about! Example: Pirate (love the design and use of gold!), pretzel piece, alien “queen” (just plain different!), record disk, fencing sword, Shakspearean colar, solid (maybe) fairy wings, and more! 😀

  2. Neat. Man I gotta get my series 7 guys that I want.

    This is kinda unrelated but I was at my local Wal-Mart and found over 30 packs of Series 5 minifigs! Just a couple weeks ago.

    • I love a lot of the figs in this series, but a few are lacking originality.
      @buzzsaw, that’s nothing compared to the 5 cases I saw at a Walmart near me. :p seems like every retailer stocked up for christmas, and lost big time….

      • I was at Toys R Us yesterday and found two cases and… Get this.

        An unsealed Bionicle Piraka model!

  3. Any ideas as to why the diver is standing on two one-studed plates? Are they supposed to be thick tread on his boots or something?

    • On the old sponge diver suits those are weights that strap onto the bottom of the feet. Let you walk around on the ocean bottom and balances out the weight of the helmet on the way down/up (easier to stay upright).

  4. Hey sorry if I’ve been gone for a long time, I was working at a camp with minimal internet connection 😛 these look great! is there any word on whether they will make more series after this?

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