11 comments on “Real LEGO Universe Accessories

  1. @MiniTheFig Nice collection! It’d be really neat if you printed off some of the decals and made some of the actual NPCs. Please keep us up to date with the collection!

    @HappyPappy LOL!

  2. You are my hero Mini 🙂 This is so amazing! You should put it all on a black background to look like a backpack or vault 😉

    Along with White’s suggestion of prints, you can *remove* prints by rubbing brasso on parts, though I don’t know what this will do to the squid helm plastic type.

  3. Holey smokes, I was about to log off and I saw a screencap of SamuraiMaster, and JUST realized we will have our own “real” Turtlepack Armour thanks to the TMNT license. How was this NOT the FIRST thing I thought when I heard about that?!

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