8 comments on “Real Brick Property

  1. These are the tube notes::
    Uploaded by Xboxplaylist on Jan 5, 2012

    On short notice, I made up this display for Railfair 2011 at Algonquin College Ottawa.
    5 days with 40 hours sleep to create this. (Smartphone camera, sorry for poor quality)

    Created by TaylorP
    Member of ParLUGment

    People & Blogs


  2. I built this LU property 4 months before the sad news of LU closing.

    LU took me out of the dark ages, sort of. I never stopped playing with LEGO, but my creativity for it was dormant. . . . . Till I walked around as a Minifig. The Imagination just bloomed when I had my first medium property with the option of any piece in any color.

    LU made me start building again, not only in LU but in real life and in LDD.

    As you can see, LU inspired me to build in a new and comical LU way. =)

    Every year there is a train show that ParLUGment, the LUG I am part of, takes part in. That year I did a display by myself. I wanted to honor LU and see how many kids eye sparkled when they saw the launch pad.

    I was in LU beta and it took up most my time. So when it finally came out. I was so excited, dont tell my Architecture teachers, but I spent over 50+ hours a week on LU till it closed

    LEGO Universe will be missed.


    • Thanks so much, Taylor! This project is so full of awesome I don’t quite know what to say.
      I miss LU terribly as well, but builds like this keep the memories alive and the call to imagination fresh.

    • Taylor, this is boss and thanks for letting us know more about it! When I get a chance ( August…? ) I really want to build in this exact style 🙂 You’ve in turn inspired me to get to the laundry list of plans. Shout out to another Canuckistan LU fugee! I’m in VicLUG. I think there are quite a few of us here actually. Happy C Day eve!

    • Hi Taylor, thanks for posting.
      I found this creation on Flickr, loved it, and meant to post here but Zipblock beat me to it.
      I’m planning to include a rocket pad in our next LUG layout too, can’t wait to see how many recognize it.
      I know you’re not alone; I have met a few others who came out of dark or dim ages thanks to LU.
      Glad you found us, hope to see you around!


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