22 comments on “What’s this?!? Funcom to develop new MMO focused on LEGO® Minifigures!

  1. The positive: Funcom has an established list of niche MMOs/MMORPGs that they have developed and continue to run, so there won’t be Lego, a marketing and industrial manufacturer having to now grow a recurring subscription service arm (like they did by acquiring Playwell/Netdevil). Continuing to run these games mean no sudden divestment like Gazillion pulled.

    The Negative: No idea what the vision of the game is. Another MMO with story elements? Will it be an experiment in social media, dress up your paper dolls and run them around? Any construction play in there? Any PvE or PvP?

    • The time is NOW for fans to start lobbying for properties and building of some sort. The key point IMHO is that the builders will never tire of building and move on to the next new game.

      • If there is no building then this is just paper dolls like Yak said. I’ll be reluctant to participate because it will descend into Second Life with kid gloves and no punch at all.

        I’m hoping for something amazing and fingers crossed.

    • There is no other info out there yet, or at least not that is indexed in english on Google.

      My guess is they don’t really have anything yet game wise, just a technology demonstrator coded up by a very small team, think the 2007 press releases from Netdevil and Lego once Lego committed; at that point Netdevil had some “playable” test areas, the first experiments with what was building and driving a minifig around in third person perspective with some emotes attached, and 5-15 folks dedicated to the game.

      We may see something sooner than with Netdevil’s efforts, the toolsets for rapidly prototyping games now are pretty amazing (just go through any of the unity3d tutorials), and unlike the twisted magic in the game engine for LU, the graphical assets from LU (and the Traveller’s Tales games) are a bit more portable.

  2. Great to hear this!! Some LEGO employees said if LEGO attempts a new MMOG, it would be bigger than LEGO Universe. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Please release soon, be fun, and don’t close! Please release soon, be fun, and don’t close!

  4. Hopefully we’ll get some more information within the coming weeks/months. I don’t think LEGO has publicly made an announcement on their part, so will be looking forward to see what they’ve got to say.

  5. So, if anyone gets LUP status for this game, tell it here 😛 I gonna get in on Alpha this time 😛

    • I have a hunch that there won’t be a similar program to LUP with this. By many accounts the LUP program failed, from both pov. I walked away a happy panda but many others didn’t, for many other reasons. I’ll get into that at later date as it’s a big can of fish.

      I think the initial, prelaunch stage of the program was invaluable for both sides though. We taught ND how to play with bricks and they let us through the looking glass. Post launch many LUPs were unhappy with how the game turned out and with less resources to tend to the flock it went a bit weedy.

  6. Well lets hope that they remember that it is the players that make a truly great game. Let’s also hope that they make a game creative enough to go beyond their target age bracket, (or that they realise that there are AFOLs that have fun playing with Lego too.)

  7. Sigh… The CEO of Funcom stepped down yesterday. I’m feeling a sense of extreme deja vu.
    Oh well… My hopes are still high.

  8. Yea. the LUP program in LU was horrible. Only good thing out of it was the nice models in the game.

    LEGO bought all rights to LU so it is not like “funcom” has to start from scratch.
    Seeing how long it took for LU to come out, I would not be expecting this game to be out any time soon.

  9. I don’t think it shows that they don’t care about their fan base, you could even say that it shows how much they care – balanced against their financial interests. It’s most likely a way to replace LU but do so much more profitably.
    I don’t see why a 6 month wait to announce this is a bad thing, the verification of a new MMO from TLC has me extremely excited. The waiting will suck (they announced its release in 2013, but it could happen in 2017 knowing how they moved the LU release date). All in all, I think this is quite great.

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  11. Was looking into this “possible LEGO MMO” and it seems its only Funcoms Montreal branch that is working on this. Mostly for mobile and tablets, which seems to cater to Chima MMO and not actually a new MMO like LU.

    If this new Funcom LEGO MMO is Chima, damn, no happy.


    • I was actually doing some research on this yesterday! I found this video:

      I think the Funcom MMO will be minifigs, not Chima. There’s more videos on YT as well, I haven’t looked at them though. Just search funcom lego and you’ll get lots of quarterly report sorts of videos.

  12. Funcom’s MMO is the Minifigures one, the mutterings on “The Secret World” forum and a few interviews says that’s currently being worked on mostly out of Funcom’s Oslo studio. Same time zone as Lego corporate, I imagine the back and forth with barely overlapping business days with Netdevil made the micro managers insane on TLG’s side, probably some business culture issues are less pronounced. “The Secret World” devs pulled into that team are probably enjoying working on some lighter children’s material.

    Funcom indicated they were refocusing their Montreal studio on mobile and tablet games, and they just announced some sort of work for hire deal with Lego on two other games (no specifics).

    The Chima multiplayer game Is being developed by a WB Games studio in Montreal (not Funcom).

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