16 comments on “The size of Nexus Tower

  1. I was working on measuring it, because I was curious, but now I don’t have to. =P

    It’s SO massive, and think of how many levels they could have added?! The level that was playable wasn’t even all filled in; it used maybe 2/3 of the space, if that much.

  2. Wow! thats amazing! it would have been crazy to add more levels of the tower 😛 they could of had all of the maps of LU in that tower and still have tons room!

  3. This is awesome, such a great idea and thanks for figuring this out!

    To put this into even more perspective, here’s a couple of charts.

    Assuming that 11 miles = 58, 080 feet you can see that Nexus Tower is above the highest cloud layers.

    Assuming that 11 miles is 17km, you can see from these that Nexus Tower would poke just at the beginning of the stratosphere.

  4. Making it in a month isn’t too hard, because the towers’ shell is basically nothing. The playable areas are tough, but with a team, it’s fairly easy. 🙂

    • Uh, what? Nobody ever said anything about how long it took the developers to make it, and I’m quite certain it took them over a month anyway, especially counting concept and planning phases, as Nexus Tower was around from some of the earliest designs.

      • Read the last sentence of the post. 😛

        Yes, concepts were around for a while, but the 3D modeling could have been done in a month with a team.

        • Looks like you’re misunderstanding that last sentence as having to do with the real life development of the area rather than the time it supposedly took to build it in the game/story. I thought it was pretty clear who it was referring to, as just a moment before, the article was talking about how big it would be to the minifigures who inhabit it in-game/story, and it wouldn’t make sense in any other context (the relative size of a 3D object has next to no effect on how long it takes to create it, but rather the relative amount of detail does, of which there’s only a substantial amount in the rather small playable area, which isn’t even the subject of the article), but oh well.

  5. So, in Minifig-scale: Nexus Tower would be just under the size of the Empire State Building. Huh, interesting…

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  7. Kindda funny in a way… I mean, it would be extremely amazing to see NT made by LEGO bricks… And also to know how much of them would be used…

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