10 comments on “Lego Universe: Sound

  1. Why did LU have to close? BTW, could anyone post a link to some of that sheet music? I play the piano and would love to have it! 😀

  2. It’s pretty epic, but I don’t think I could put it on the same level as Spyro the Dragon. xD

    Very close, though. I remember when they first revamped the soundtrack during Beta that I thought it made some close leaps at the Spyro soundtrack’s unique feel, in terms of being a unique set of tunes. Glad I’ve still got it on my computer, I like to give it a listen every once in a while. 🙂

    I just wish someone would make the leap and actually publish it already. Whether or not the game is dead. The Brian Tyler website doesn’t count, it’s messed up. 😛

    • The only reason I won’t over emphasize how incredibly awesome the Spyro soundtrack is because I feel my praise will only serve to dilute the acoustic majesty and perfection that accompanies the purple dragon.

      I *really* like those games. Egg stealing became a zen experience on the higher levels. Instead of watching the thief or Spyro, I would zone on the track and it’s charges, ride the back of the snake.

      What is amazing about the Spyro games is I would look forward to a new level, not only to see the new aesthetic, mood and monsies, but just as much to grok on the new tunes.

      The Neverhood soundtrack is on my phone and comes up on playlist regularly. It’s on equal footing with the actual game and probably surpasses it.

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